Introducing Access A.R.T./New York
Monday, September 17, 2018 12:00 AM

As the fall season starts, we are thrilled to announce a new programming initiative. Access A.R.T./New York provides programs and services to create a more inclusive nonprofit theatre sector that is better equipped to serve artists, audiences, and staff with disabilities.

There are many barriers, like cost and education, that make it difficult for small nonprofit theatres to become fully inclusive spaces and provide accessible spaces and programs to their patrons and artists. We hope to work with you to shift New York towards a more welcoming and accessible place for all artists, staff, and audiences through new and expanded programs, including

  1. A partnership with Hands On and microgrants to support ASL theatrical interpretation,

  2. An expanded suite of workshops and educational programming on topics around accessibility,

  3. Cohort learning opportunities and ongoing meetings with cohort members, and

  4. Accessibility consulting through the Theatre Leadership Program.

These programs build on work A.R.T./New York has supported for the past few years, and we hope that these new and expanded opportunities will help member theatres become more welcoming, inclusive, and accessible places.