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In the Mezzanine Theatre


Logo for Queen. Yellow hexagons cascade in from the upper left hand corner to the lower right hand corner, forming a honecomb pattern. The background is dark blue. The honeycomb is plotted on a graph. On the vertical axis it says "NAATCO, in partnership with Long Wharf Theatre, presents." On the horizontal axis it says "a play by Mahduri Shekar, directed by Aneesha Kudtarkar." In the middle of the image on the far right it says QUEEN in all capital letters. The logo for NAATCO, which is red and white, is in the upper right corner. NAATCO stands for National Asian American Theatre Company.

NAATCO in partnership with Long Wharf Theatre presents QUEEN

June 10 - July 1, 2022

Written by Madhuri Shekar
Directed by Aneesha Kudtarkar

Cast: Stephanie Janssen, Ben Livingston, Keshav Moodliar and Avanthika Srinivasan.

Scenic design by Junghhyun Georgia Lee
Costume design by Phuong Nguyen with Assistant Costume Designer Kyle Artone Lighting design by Yuki Nakase Link with Assistant Lighting Designer Jackie Fox Sound design and original music are by UptownWorks: Daniela Hart, Bailey Trierweiler, and Noel Nichols

Three researchers on the verge of proving the root cause of bee extinction face a potentially fatal flaw in their model. Careers, politics and ethics collide as they are each faced with a choice between doing what is right or what is good, and must examine what those two things even mean when truth can't be found in numbers alone. 

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In the Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre 


Logo for The Refugees. Beginning in the upper right hand corner, on the diagonal, is a picture of a sandcastle. Under the sand castle, also on a diagonal, is a picture of a small boat, small enough that it could also be called a raft. On the boat, there are about 20 people, gathered shoulder to shoulder. You can't see their faces, but they are all wearing life jackets. On the left hand side of the image the words THE REFUGEES is printed in white lettering on a black background. On the right side are the show dates of June 4 - 26th, and the words A.R.T./New York Theatres

Adjusted Realists in association with Weber State University presents The Refugees

June 4 - 26, 2022

Written and Directed by Stephen Kaliski
Co-Directed by Matt Mastromatteo

Starring Robert K. Benson*, Jonathan Nathaniel Dingle-El, Carolina Đỗ*, Sophie Gorai, Josue Guerrero, Lily Hilden, Suzanne Lenz*, Jeremiah Maestas* Matt Mastromatteo, Rachel McPhee*, Valerie Clayman Pye*, Grace Zito

Movement Direction Matt Mastromatteo
Scenic Design Anita Tripathi
Lighting Design Kaylin Gess
Costume Design Kahei Shum
Sound Design Jessica Greenberg
Dramaturgy Jennifer A. Kokai

Who do we let in? This simple question resonates across the entirety of our lives today, ranging in scale from family feuds to geopolitical crises. In THE REFUGEES, a jaded queen and her activist children struggle to answer it, each side fiercely opposed over whether their prosperous realm should offer asylum to masses of immigrants displaced by climate change.

Set in an imagined world that blends Ancient Greek myth with the realities of today, THE REFUGEES electrifies one of the most urgent issues of our time with humor, humanity, and a passionate appeal to the power of civic engagement.

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