In the foreground, a woman wears a white gown with a veil, a crown made of snowflakes, and fur lapels. Behind her, a man carries the train of her dress.

Frequently Asked Questions

A.R.T./New York gets a lot of questions from members on issues that fall outside the scope of our workshop training. Read our FAQ below for our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

I'm having trouble using your website. Where can I find help?

We maintain a separate page to address frequently asked technical questions. Please visit the help page if you are having trouble logging in, using an online form, or maintaining your company and staff profiles. 

I am in need of legal advice and not sure where to turn. Do you know anyone I can contact?

We suggest reaching out to Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA), which provides an array of low-cost and pro bono legal services to the arts community. Visit or call (212) 319-2787. Also, visit VLA’s site for additional resources, definitions, and guidance.

I’m looking for a database for my theatre. Does A.R.T./New York have one?

A.R.T./New York does not offer a database. We recommend looking for a database that integrates box office with fundraising campaigns. There are a lot of options out there with a dramatic range in price. Check out our Vendor Library for recommendations!

Are there any resources out there where I can either acquire or donate set pieces and props at low or no cost?

You bet there are! Materials for the Arts collects and distributes reusable supplies and material to arts and cultural organizations across the city. We also recommend Our Goods a barter service that allows you to trade objects and skills with other creative folks. The Broadway Green Alliance is also a great resource for those interested in other forms of reuse, recycling, and upcycling.

Will A.R.T./New York fiscally sponsor my theatre or organization?

A.R.T./New York does not offer fiscal sponsorships. However, Fractured Atlas, NYFA, NYLA, and The Field do – for individual artists and companies.

I need a performance/reading venue. Does A.R.T./New York provide any? 

The A.R.T./New York Theatres are available for rent! Members with budgets under $1million can apply for a subsidized rental for shows running for multiple weeks, there is also occasional availability for short-term and event rentals. to inquire about a full price rental email kendra at [email protected]

For small performances and readings, two of our studios – the Bruce Mitchell Room at the Midtown [email protected] and the Great Room in Brooklyn’s South Oxford Space are large enough for small readings. Learn more about our studio rental policies and rates here.

For more space opportunities, visit SpaceFinder NYC is a tool from Fractured Atlas that is a database of both traditional and non-traditional venues throughout the five boroughs. You can search by house-size, duration of rental, space size, and a number of other criteria.

I need help researching funders and grants. Where can I go for guidance? 

We heartily recommend the amazing library at The Foundation Center. It’s an amazing resource for companies of all sizes, and the librarians are knowledgeable and very helpful! 

I’m an individual artist, or currently without a company affiliation. Can I join A.R.T./New York and apply for its grants and services? 

Yes! You are welcome to apply as an independent producer. Do keep in mind that some grants and services would not apply to Independent Producers. Make sure to take a close look at our programs and services to ensure that we provide what you're looking for; our workshops and services focus on the producing and administrative side of theater. We do not offer artistic workshops. For more services, individual artists can search for resources through NYFA Source or the Alliance of Artist Communities, and may also find grants and professional development resources from Creative Capital or Lower Manhattan Cultural Council helpful. 

I need information about health care reform. Where can I find good information for artists and small theatre companies?

The Actor’s Fund has great resources on navigating the health insurance marketplace in the wake of the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You can always check out the New York state health insurance exchange, NY State of Health, for information on individual and small business plans. 

I’m trying to plan a gala, but don’t want to conflict with others already scheduled. Does A.R.T./New York have a list of when other companies throughout the city are doing their special events?

A.R.T./New York's development calendar is a user generated calendar of upcoming development events. We definitely recommend checking this resource, and submitting your own upcoming events to help the calendar remain accurate. 

In addition, there are a few other websites that list galas and other special events. New York Social Diary is a good place to start when looking to plan the date for your company benefit.

Do you have a job board where I can post a theatre job listing or find a theatre job?

We don't maintain a job board, nor do we share jobs in our member newsletter. However, we highly recommend the below websites if you have a job to post or are looking for employment.

A.R.T./New York does maintain an Intern Database where member theatres can search for qualified interns throughout the year


Header: Blessed Unrest's Production of The Snow Queen. Photo by Maria Barinova.