Statement of Solidarity & Support

A.R.T./New York is a representative of New York’s theatre community, and we know our community is hurting. White supremacy and racial injustice affect members of our theatre community, loved ones, and neighborhoods. We are enraged by the ongoing discrimination and violence committed against Black people across the country, and we grieve and mourn with those who are in pain and suffering. 

The systems of white supremacy and racism are deeply embedded in our field. They inform the structure of our organizations; the artists and work that are funded, promoted, and deemed to be “successful”; and the continued devaluation of the work of BIPOC artists, administrators, and staff members. 

We are joining the calls for change, for dismantling these destructive systems, and for moving beyond just speaking toward action. As we move forward, we will continue and deepen our work to identify, address, and dismantle the systems of white supremacy and injustice in our internal and external work; build relationships and center the voices and work of BIPOC artists and theatre-makers; and devote time, energy, and resources to making our organization and the field more equitable and just. Moving forward, we will inevitably make missteps, but we are committed to self-examination, so that we can identify when our actions perpetuate racist systems and work to disrupt the cycle.