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I'm trying to renew our A.R.T./New York membership and something is going wrong, HELP!

  • Are you receiving an error message that says "your group does not have permission to view this page"? Make sure you are logging in to your organizational account, not your staff account. The username for organizational accounts is typically the name of your company with no spaces.
  • Did you renew your membership and then receive an email saying your staff profile is expiring? This typically happens when a step is skipped on the renewal form and no staff profiles are selected for renewal. Don't worry! Email Jeannely Lopez at [email protected] with a list of current staff and she can reactivate all your staff profiles.
  • Did you choose the wrong payment method? No need to fill out the form again. If you chose "send check" but change your mind, you can call and pay via credit card over the phone. Call David Shane at (212) 244-6667 x242 during normal business hours.
  • Will the form not allow you to move on to the next page? Make sure you have filled out all of the information on the page, including any check boxes confirming information, and uploading your budget!
  • Can you not log in because your membership has expired?  Don't worry you can still renew! Once your membership has expired, you can only access the renewal form via this direct link. You'll be prompted to log in to your organizational account at the beginning of the form.
  • Did you not see the renewal notices because the primary contact for your organization is no longer on staff? Don't worry you can still renew! Once your membership has expired, you can only access the renewal form via this direct link. You'll need to log in with your organizational account (the username for this is typically the name of your company without spaces). If your organizational log-in information is lost email Jeannely Lopez at [email protected] and she will retrieve it for you.


How to get a listing in A.R.T./New York's weekly member newsletter

If you are an A.R.T./New York member, we are happy to post discount ticket offers, subsidized or discount space rentals, residencies and other opportunities in our weekly email newsletter to members and their staff. Due to high demand and limited space, we require all offers to include a special discount for A.R.T./New York members in order to be included in the newsletter. If you would like to submit an event or opportunity for consideration, please email Jeannely Lopez at [email protected]g for specifications. Ticket offer slots fill up very quickly so we suggest requesting a slot two or three weeks prior to the date you would like the offer to run. Newsletters run every Thursday except for the final week of December.

NOTE: We do not currently list fundraising events or free performances in the newsletter due to space constraints. These events, as well as listings that do not provide a discount, can be listed on our Facebook page at any time.


How to add and remove staff member profiles for your organization

When you log in to the A.R.T./New York web site using your organization's main profile, you will be redirected to the community home page, where you can manage your profile and view the profiles of all other members and their staff. You can view the staff members associated with your organization by choosing Relationships from the My Profile tab. To remove a staff member that is no longer part of your organization, simply select the click on the delete button next to their name.

To add staff members for your organization, please visit the Staff Member Submission Form by going to "membership" and "add staff" on the main menu. NOTE: you must be logged in using your organizational username in order to use the Staff Member Submission form.


I am not receiving the weekly Member News emails or other announcements, please add me to your email list


Please remove our former staff member from your email list.

Our email lists are based on the information you provide about yourself and the staff of your company. If you or a staff member are not receiving Member News, make sure you have created a staff profile for them. If they have a staff profile, they should log in and ensure that their email address and other information is correct. Choosing one or more roles on your profile allows us to send you targeted emails about workshops and roundtables that will be useful to you in your position.

When a staff member leaves, simply remove their profile and they will no longer receive emails.

See the instructions above for adding or removing staff profiles.


You are receiving an error message that says "Your group does not have permission to view this page"

If you are getting the above message it simply means that you are logged in under the wrong type of username for the area of our site you are trying to access. For grants, loans, and renewals, you will need to use your main company-level username since those forms apply to the company as a whole; for workshops, roundtables, and event registration, you will need to use  your individual staff username since registration is specific to a single person.

It is also worth nothing that if you have multiple tabs or browser windows of the A.R.T./New York website open, you cannot be logged in under the company username in one tab and your staff username under another. Close the additional tabs/windows of our site and try logging in again.

If you are still having difficulties after you log out and log back in with the correct username, it may be because your browser is caching a previous login session. Some browsers are particularly stubborn about holding on to data, but you can force your browser to forget by clearing its cache.

Instructions for clearing the cache on most major browsers »


Managing your organization's parent profile

Each A.R.T./New York member organization has a unique profile in our system assigned to the primary contact at each organization. In order to ensure that all official electronic communications reach you, we ask that you keep your primary contact's name and email up-to-date at all times. If for any reason you lose access to the parent profile (e.g. your primary contact leaves and you do not have access to their email address), please email Jeannely Lopez at [email protected] and we can update your email and resend you your login information manually.


Header: The A.R.T./New York 2017 Holiday Party. Photo by Chellise Michael.