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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing issues logging into our website, editing your organization/staff profiles, or any other technical concerns pertaining to our website, please read our FAQ below. 

On this page, you’ll also find information about resources that fall outside the scope of our services. We receive many questions about legal and financial concerns, and we are happy to point you to our peers in the community who are better equipped to assist you in those matters.

Last updated: June 1, 2021

A Note on COVID-19:

If you have been furloughed but would like to continue receiving communications from A.R.T./New York, contact [email protected] to update your staff profile contact information.


Help with Membership and the A.R.T./New York Website


Membership Renewal

How do I know it’s time to renew my membership?

How can I remit payment for renewing my membership?

Did you choose the wrong payment method?


Staff Profiles

What’s a Key Contact? How do I become one?

How do I delete a staff member’s profile?

How do I create a profile?


Member News/Promotions

How do I get a listing in A.R.T./New York’s weekly newsletter?

I am not receiving Member News. How do I get added to the email list?

I submitted something via the Feature Request Form, but it didn’t get featured. What happened?

When does Member News come out?

How do I tag you on social media?


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Legal, Financial, and Professional Help

I am in need of legal advice and not sure where to turn. Do you know anyone I can contact?

Will A.R.T./New York fiscally sponsor my theatre or organization?

I need help researching funders and grants. Where can I go for guidance?

I need information about health care reform. Where can I find good information for artists and small theatre companies?


Theatrical Resources

I’m looking for a database for my theatre. Does A.R.T./New York have one?

Are there any resources out there where I can either acquire or donate set pieces and props at low or no cost?

I need a performance/reading venue. Does A.R.T./New York provide any?

I’m an individual artist, or currently without a company affiliation. Can I join A.R.T./New York and apply for its grants and services?

I’m trying to plan a gala, but don’t want to conflict with others already scheduled. Does A.R.T./New York have a list of when other companies throughout the city are doing their special events?

Do you have a job board where I can post a theatre job listing or find a theatre job?


Header: The A.R.T./New York 2017 Holiday Party. Photo by Chellise Michael.