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A.R.T./New York provides vital services and benefits to a community of 500+ member organizations and individuals. All programs and services are free of charge or subsidized for A.R.T./New York members.

Ready to join? Before you apply, learn more about A.R.T./New York by reviewing our valueshistory, the benefits of membership, and the information below about our our membership categories

Once application and payment are received, memberships are typically processed within 1-2 weeks. 

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Membership Categories

A.R.T./New York offers two types of membership: Organization Membership and Individual Membership.

Organization membership is right for any group of people working and creating theatre together. If you are a part of a member organization, you will receive full benefits of membership.

Individual membership is right for any solo person who is otherwise not a part of a member organization. This may include designers, producers, dramaturgs, freelance arts administrators, any many, many more roles. 

We ask that members self-affirm that they have ties to the New York theatre community in some capacity. 

 When applying for membership and/or renewing each year, you will pay annual dues accordingly to a suggested scale based on your self-identified operating budget. These  membership dues go to providing the resources you can take full advantage of as a member—workshops and roundtables, grant applications, subsidized studio space, and more. Learn all about the benefits of A.R.T./New York membership.


Suggested Dues:

Companies with budgets >$5m - $1500
Companies with budgets >$3.5m - $1000
Companies with budgets between $750k-$3.5m  - $500
Companies with budgets between $250k-$750k - $200
Companies with budgets under <$250k - $150
Minimum for organizations- $50
Minimum for individuals - $25




Applications will not be processed until your dues have been received.


Eligibility Requirements for All Theatrical Membership Categories (Excluding Professional Affiliates):

  • Must have 501(c)3 status, fiscal sponsorship, or be nonprofit in spirit. 
  • Must not charge artists (including playwrights, actors, designers, and directors) to participate in the organizations' theatrical productions. Members may charge fees only for classes and training programs that are dissociated from theatre productions.


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