These approximately 800ft² rooms are ideal for staging, rehearsing, or presenting your more ambitious projects. These studios include brand-new sprung flooring with a marley top from StageStep (SpringStep IV Plus), They are fully sound attenuated and have dedicated Wifi. 

Our Studios

We have various studio rental options in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our studios are available to rent by the hour for rehearsals, lockouts, meetings, auditions, workshops, and small-scale performances. You can quickly request studio space at either of our locations by clicking the appropriate button below. To learn more about the accessibility of our spaces, check out our Accessibility page. 

Our studios are fully air-conditioned and have wifi access. 

  • Family & Lactation space may be reserved free of charge with your rental booking may be reserved free of charge with your rental booking. 

  • Prop storage may be rented for an additional fee during your rehearsal period.

  • Additional tables, rehearsal cubes, and music stands are available at no additional cost, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We do not rent for private functions such as birthday parties, weddings, or baby showers. Before confirming bookings, all renters must read and certify that they will comply with our full rental guidelines.

To learn more about studio rental options at our facilities, click “view all’ to see each studio’s rate, dimension, and images. You can expand the view by hovering on the bottom right corner of each image carousel.


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Check Availability

The calendar below shows current availability; booked times are indicated in blue or orange. When requesting time, please note that we require a half hour between all rentals to allow the air to clear and for cleaning. 


520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor | New York, NY 10018 
[email protected] | (212) 594-0422


LuEster T. Mertz South Oxford Space

138 South Oxford Street | Brooklyn, NY 11217  
[email protected]| (718) 398-3078


Cancelation Policy

Our cancelation policy is stated in the rental guidelines. There is a 72-hour (three-day) cancellation policy. Renters will be charged for space canceled in violation of this policy. A nominal processing fee will be assessed if a refund check is requested instead of rental credit. If a deposit has been collected, it is not refundable after the deposit due date. Payment in full is due on the 1st date of the reservation. The rental will be canceled unless payment is received by the due date. All renters must provide a valid credit card number as default payment saved to their account. 

Please note that an advanced deposit is required for certain rentals, including large events and reservations over $500. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and acts as a down payment.

Featured Image: The Associates Theater Ensemble, Rehearsal of Grown Up. Featuring Actor Emily Stout. PC by Nick Rehberger.