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Shared Office Space from A.R.T./New York

A full-sized office year-round is great... for some companies. But project-based producers, small companies, and independent producers have different needs. In a step toward meeting those needs, we offer workstations at Spaces @ 520 so we can help more members take their work out of their apartments and into an office.

You can rent a dedicated desk in a shared office at 520 8th Avenue.

For these renters A.R.T./New York offers:

Furniture! Desk, chair, a (locking) filing cabinet

A Mailing Address! Receive mail and packages here.

Access to the shared Copier/Printer.

Access to the shared Kitchen on our floor.

Free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Office keys and a keycard to get into the building (no more waiting in line at security). 

That's all in addition to a prime location. Not only will you have a work space in midtown Manhattan, you'll share the floor with 20+ other theatre companies, A.R.T/New York's own Main Office, and our rehearsal studios (not to mention all the other rehearsal spaces at 520 and in the area!)  You can leave rehearsal and walk straight to work.

Other considerations

Flexible commitment: if you only need an office for a few months while your show is running, that's fine. you can let us know the length of your rental upfront, and if your needs change give us 30 days’ notice before ending your rental.

No deposit: the cost of your rental is the cost of your rental. No need to worry about huge costs upfront. All you need is your rent to start work in your new shared space.


Email Stephanie Bok at [email protected] for more information on rates and availability.  As with our offices, space is limited and we may have a waiting list.