Theatre Admin Consulting Program - (TAC)

Please Note: 

A.R.T./New York has fully allocated all TAC funds at this time. However, there may be more funding available in the future and/or other ways we can provide support. If you are interested in this support, please fill out a TAC Application Form and we will be in touch as funding and/or opportunities arise. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


The Theatre Admin Consulting (TAC) Program provides support for A.R.T./New York's organizational member companies to help them address and overcome challenges facing their organizations or seize on new opportunities as they approach critical junctures in their development. These challenges and opportunities might include organizational structure, staffing, long-range planning, board development, transitions in leadership, implementing anti-oppression practices, marketing and audience development, disability equity, accounting and quickbooks just to name a few areas of interest. Since each of these issues is unique to each organization, the program requires a customized planning process with each organization’s own culture and needs in mind. 

Upon completing the consultation, the participating organizations emerge stronger, more focused, and have the tools necessary for future evolution. To better understand the type of work this program can support, read more about some of our past partner consultants listed below.

TAC is designed to help our members navigate issues which cannot be addressed through other avenues of learning or  in a group environment such as a workshop or roundtable discussion. Before applying for TAC support, we encourage you to search our Digital Resources HUB and check out our upcoming Workshops and Roundtables to ensure that the support you’re seeking isn’t already being offered in another format.

In some instances, A.R.T./New York staff may require participation in other workshops (such as Organizational Planning & Process) as a prerequisite to accessing consulting services through the Theatre Admin Consulting Program.

The TAC Program evolved from A.R.T./New York’s Harold & Mimi Steinberg Theatre Leadership Program (TLP). For any additional questions or inquiries on the TAC Program, please email [email protected].


How TAC Works

(The Six Steps of TAC)

  1. Client (Organizational Member) Applies to TAC by providing some information about the challenges and/or opportunities they are hoping to address through consultation. This information can be submitted in one of three ways. Choose whichever format is most convenient for you: 
    1. In written form via the TAC Intake Form
    2. Via video or audio recording uploaded through the form
    3. Email [email protected] to schedule a live virtual meeting with our staff
  2. A.R.T/New York Reviews Application and Pairs Client with a Consultant or Approves of Client’s suggested Consultant
  3. Consultant and Client Schedule a 30-Minute Exploratory Meeting 
  4. Consultant Proposes a Scope of Work for A.R.T./New York to review. If approved, it will be sent to the Client to review as well.
  5. If the Client accepts the scope of work plan, A.R.T./New York drafts Tripartite LOA for Consultant and Client to sign
  6. TAC Consultation Begins!!





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