Closing our FY21 and Starting FY22 as a Changed Organization.

This July, for the first time, the team at A.R.T./New York is embarking on a staff retreat to reflect, revise, and identify processes and priorities to guide our decision-making in FY22.

In July 2020, the We Are A.R.T./New York Coalition published a letter detailing racial injustices taking place at our organization. The staff and board of directors pledged to our members and stakeholders to work together through a transparent and collaborative process to identify and tear out our roots in oppression. The subsequent leadership transition has been one critical piece of a larger, longer, and more holistic process. In its early stages, we have taken vital steps forward, and also necessary, strategic steps back. In constant collaboration with the, We Are A.R.T./New York Coalition (composed of current and former staff) and through the formation of Ethics and Accountability Committees at the Staff and Board levels, A.R.T./New York is examining our internal practices.