Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre

An empty theatre with a blue and purple wash. 

The Gural is a black box with modular seating for up to 87 patrons.  The theatre measures approximately 34’ by 32’ and features a cushioned Masonite floor suitable for dance and a full ceiling grid at a height of 13’-8 1/2”.

Amenities include:

    • Lighting, audio, projection, and soft goods packages.
    • Two fully ADA-accessible dressing rooms accommodating 3-4 people each, with a shared bathroom and shower in between.
    • Access to a shared laundry facility with two washers and two dryers.
    • An ADA-accessible control booth with windows overlooking both the theatre and the lobby.
    • A dedicated lobby which can be used for small events.  The lobby has natural light, a ceiling grid to hang lights, a projector, or other installations, mobile carts for box office sales and concessions/merchandise sales, a TV monitor, display space, seating, and two single-occupancy bathrooms.

Standard Rate:  $4,750/week

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Photo by Kendra Ramthun.