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Monk Parrots presents Pearls for Spurs
August 1 - 11, 2024

Image for Pearls for Spurs. Pearls for Spurs is written in black font on a pink backgroun. The center of the image shows two hand drawn aligators - the one on the left is upside down, and the one on the right is right side up. A human arm snakes around the gators, giving the appearance of wrestling them. The tag line at the bottom of the poster reads, If mama ain' happy, then nobody's happy.






By Gates Leonard
Directed by Luke Leonard

Ellie Kim, stage manager
Eric Nightengale, lighting and sound designer
Megan Reid, dramaturg/production assistant
Cast: Kelly Mares*, Jennifer Skura Boutell*, Emperor Kaioyus, Gates Leonard, Max Lerin, Landyn Pollard, and Kailer Scopacasa

Pearls for Spurs, produced by Monk Parrots, is a new two-act dramedy by Gates Leonard about a dysfunctional family’s last day as a unit. In a desperate attempt to escape the memories of her late husband, a widow, Mississippi Biles (Missy), uproots her entire family—Carousel (16-year-old rebellious daughter), Kill (13-year-old introverted son questioning his sexual orientation), Spoon (10-year-old wild man), and Danny (39-year-old overzealous sister)—from Texas to an RV park in Florida where they grapple with grief, change, and the complexities of love. Two native Floridians—Bean (Kill’s only friend) and Dude (Carousel’s older and questionable boyfriend)—round out the cast. Loved but neglected by Missy due to her grief and struggles with mental illness, the children are unhappy and borderline outlaws. Danny does her best to hold the family together, but the characters drift further apart as the story unfolds. Mixing dark humor and tragedy, the play examines the effects of unmanaged personal trauma, opening a discussion about mental health, family, and resistance to change.