A.R.T./New York Member Data Project

Announcing Health and Wealth: Supporting NYC Theatremakers through Data and Insights

A.R.T./New York is pleased to announce a high-impact data and research initiative designed to help us better serve our organizational and individual members, while also leveraging our membership’s insights and experiences to provide stronger support for our sector. 

As you know, over the past three years, the theatre industry has been tremendously impacted by both the acute and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. A.R.T./New York’s member theatres continue to face unprecedented challenges including increased supply costs, evolving audience trends, work to provide better wages, and labor scarcity. In recent years, A.R.T./New York has also undergone our own significant transformation, reforming our operating practices and organizational structure to align with our values and to prepare us to meet the emergent needs of those we serve. Our staff, leadership, and operations now support our ability to further focus on understanding and responding to the unique and evolving needs of the field.

Through this project, we are able to better envision a strong and resilient New York theatre industry that uses data to tell its story, advocate for support, and create opportunities for the collaboration and elevation of all theatermakers.

What is the Health and Wealth project?

In simplest terms, the project is about administering a survey that will help us to re-engage with our members as they look today. With the generous support of the Booth Ferris Foundation, over the next year A.R.T./New York is conducting a rigorous and comprehensive review of our membership with three key goals: 

  1. To develop a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing non-profit theatrical organizations in New York; 

  2. To adapt our Member Services and Programmatic offerings to provide the most meaningful impact to our members while building a sustainable service model that appropriately leverages our organizational assets; and

  3. To articulate and disseminate our learnings on behalf of the field to advocate for greater funding, visibility, and recognition for the Off and Off-Off Broadway ecosystem.

Our community is vast and diverse and we know that a one-size solution will not best serve you. We understand that we must continue to tailor future programming and services to fit your most pressing needs - and this research will help us to do just that!

But this survey is not just about A.R.T./New York, it’s also about understanding big-picture themes and needs for NYC theatre makers as a whole. We will use the data gathered during this project to not only help support you better through our programming, but also to develop a research publication that will identify concrete, actionable insights and recommendations we can take to private and public funders to advocate for solutions that help address the challenges our sector is most struggling with today.

How can I participate?

Consider this your official invitation to participate in Health and Wealth: Supporting NYC Theatremakers through Data and Insights.

  • Volunteer to pilot the survey. If you’re interested in being a guinea pig for us, we’re looking for a representative cross-section of our members to participate in a 1-hour interview when you’ll preview the survey with a member of our project team and provide your feedback so we can make tweaks before we launch. Click here to volunteer.

  • Take the survey: We’re aiming to launch the survey in mid-July, and we’ll be communicating via email in the weeks leading up to the launch of the survey. Note that the survey will be hosted on the Alchemer platform, managed by our research partner SMU DataArts. The survey will be open for 8 weeks, and you can expect to receive reminders from us along the way.

Who is involved in the project?

We've called in the experts to help us out. With their guidance, we're diving deep into data and finding the nuggets of wisdom that will shape our next moves. This includes:

The team at SMU DataArts is serving as our research partner, helping us design an effective survey that will help us capture our sector’s needs both right now, at this pivotal moment in time, and for years in the future.

Justin Birdsong, founder and principal consultant of Skeleton Key Strategies, who is helping run the project and ensure we are engaging you all, our members and partners, to inform the best possible results. 


If you have any questions about the project or how you can get involved, contact Adam Mummery, Grants and Data Manager at [email protected]

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