Coronavirus Update: One Question Survey

Dear Members,

I hear loud and clear that you want the Mayor to shut down all of the theatres, and you want EMERGENCY RELIEF, so please fill out this 1 QUESTION SURVEY. 

The larger organizations, including the Museums, have been speaking with Deputy Mayor Vicky Been's Office. We are speaking with them, so please help us by answering ONE QUESTION: If we were not impacted by the Coronavirus, what would your projected payroll be for the period between March 12 - April 12th?


An estimate is OK. No individual information will be shared. 

We need your answers by 12:00pm Monday, March 23, as the City and State are moving very quickly.

And please read the National Message from TCG here so we can secure funds from the Federal Relief Package as well.

I am sure you all feel as if the rug was pulled out from under you. I know I do. Things are changing by the minute. 

And I apologize for the multiple surveys; we are just trying to get the information we need to get you the funding and support you need!

Together, we will get through this!


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