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In addition to the companies with shows in our calendar below, rental subsidy has been award to the following companies for the 2017-2018 season: Amas Musical TheatreThe CiviliansDramatic Question TheatreNAATCOOne Year Lease Theater CompanyPipeline Theatre CompanyThe Play CompanyProspect Theater CompanyTarget Margin Theater, and Transport Group Theatre Company
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In the Mezzanine Theatre

November 30 - December 15, 2017

Dare To Be Different:

A Series of New Musicals and Special Events

Amas Musical Theatre

Events Include:
Charleston Harbor
Dorothy Dandridge – Hollywood’s Sepia Goddess
Bread and Roses
The Dottie Maraschino Show: starring Dottie Maraschino and The Stems
(all directed by Randy Skinner)
Wanda’s World, directed by Lynne Taylor-Corbett. 

Three new musicals celebrate people who dared to be different: the slave who stole a gunship from under the noses of the confederate army; Hollywood's sepia goddess- first black woman to be nomiated for an Oscar; the Mexican immigrant who fought to unionize building janitors. Three special events include a Benefit Concert of Wanda's World the most decorated off Broadway musical of 2008 and a concert to let The Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theater Academy alumni show off their crops. And Michael LaMasa and his alter ego Dottie (she's different) pay homage to the great ladies of Hollywood. 

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In the Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre

January 12 - March 27, 2018


The Associates Theater Ensemble

Created by The Associates
Directed by Jamal Abdunnasir

September 1987. The edge of town. Gloria opens her door to the woman she hasn't seen since she disappeared from home ten years ago. Mary sees the face that has haunted her memories of childhood and dreams of womanhood. But the reflection that the women seek in each other is distorted by the years of silence. How did they get here? Did one of them take a wrong turn, or were they driven apart?

A thrillingly intimate drama, Sheila pits two women against the world. Not to conquer it—to survive it. But what chance do they have to decide the terms of that survival?

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Later this season you can look forward to productions from:


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