Happy 50th Birthday, NYSCA
Thursday, August 04, 2011 12:00 AM


In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Arts Coalition has launched the first part of Fifty Years, Fifty Stories, an online video campaign celebrating the NYSCA's 50 years of support for the performing arts in NYC. As part of this campaign, A.R.T./New York is seeking 10-12 videos from the theatre community.

Norma Munn of the NYC Arts Coalition suggested that these videos be as much fun as possible, and we encourage you to get creative in showing how NYSCA has helped your organization.  If NYSCA’s Capital Fund helped you build a theater, find a creative way to show off your space.  If you are in rehearsals, try to get your actors to thank NYSCA for making the production possible.  If NYSCA’s GOS money helps pay for your air conditioning, a staff member, your copy machine, your desk, your phones, anything that is tangible –- find a creative way to say thank you, and go for it. If you need inspiration, be sure to check out the What Is A.R.T./New York video that Rehana Leu Mirza, Susan Bernfield and Catherine Porter helped create last year for our website.

If you are interested in speaking on behalf of the theatre community, please read the information below and contact Taylor Gramps at [email protected].


Video Content

Create a DIY video story for the New York City Arts Coalition in celebration of the New York State Council on the Arts’ 50th Anniversary. The cao to hear the personal story of how funding from NYSCA impacted your work as an artist. What difference did such funding make when you were starting out? Were there critical moments in the development of your organization at which NYSCA provided essential support? Did the “good housekeeping seal of approval” of NYSCA support make other funding sources pay more attention? Have you been able to provide more access to a larger audience because of NYSCA support?

NYC Arts Coalition would prefer that these stories come from artists, rather than administrators and artists representatives, and be as personal as possible.


Submitted stories should be one minute or less in length and be in .mov, .mp4 or .m4v format. Videos in these formats can easily be created using a flip cam, iPhone, iPad, webcam or other digital video device.

If you need a camera, please contact Max Dana, Digital Programs Manager at [email protected] york.org to borrow one of the three A.R.T./New York flip cams available for member use.

Additional Guidelines

Please include the following three elements in your submission, with a break between each section.

  1. “Happy 50th Birthday” to NYSCA. This will serve as a tag line for all videos.
  2. Your story. We leave the creative aspects of this part entirely in your hands, but do include a sentence identifying yourself and your organization. Feel free to include as background your work space or whatever you feel is helpful. This is the section which should be one minute or less.
  3. A brief take that describes your organization more fully. Include, if possible, some shots of your rehearsal or organization’s space.

Please do not submit more than the three clips outlined above. We reserve the right to edit your submission, though we will take care not to edit the videos in a way that would alter the meaning of what you have said. 

Note: We are not asking you to include an appeal for support from the state legislators for NYSCA. That can best be done in other ways, and we want these videos to speak to the value of NYSCA and your work as an artist.


All submissions should be made to the NYC Arts Coalition, who will make the final selection for the campaign. Once you agree to participate, you will receive an email from the NYC Arts Coalition Dropbox account informing you that they have shared a folder with you. Place the video in the Dropbox and send a confirmation e-mail to project manager Lacey Althouse at [email protected] that includes the name, title and organization for the person you would like identified in the video. NYC Arts Coalition will make the final selection of videos to be included in the campaign.

Please contact Taylor Gramps at (212) 244-6667, ext. 228 or [email protected] if you have any questions.


Below are example videos from A.R.T./New York members Ping Chong & Company and Lone Wolf Tribe.