Remembering Micki Hobson
Friday, October 26, 2018 12:00 AM

Micki Hobson –  Rest in Peace, My Dear Friend

Micki Hobson with Ginny Louloudes's son, Zachary, in July of 2004. 

Dear friends,

If you participated in A.R.T./New York’s workshops between 1992 – 2014, you probably met or heard of Micki Hobson. Micki taught audience development, and was one of the very first instructors in our Nancy Quinn Technical Assistance Program. 

Last year, Micki was diagnosed with liver cancer. She found an oncologist she trusted and after conducting exhaustive research she made the decision to avoid any life-extending treatment that would reduce her quality of life. In the last year, she traveled to California for a family reunion, escaped Hurricane Florence by traveling to the western part of North Carolina with her son Kent, and visited with friends and loved ones. On Friday, she entered the hospital and on Monday, October 22nd, surrounded by her son, family, and close friends, she passed away.

Like many of you, I was lucky to have known and worked with Micki. For 26 years, she was my mentor, my teacher, my consultant and, most importantly, my friend. Although I knew she was sick, it has been hard for me to believe that I will no longer see Micki, listen to her teach, or hear her great laugh.

Micki would not want me to write a somber piece about her. Instead, I will celebrate the amazing impact this woman had on A.R.T./New York and me.

Micki helped us develop the Nancy Quinn Fund and Technical Assistance Program. After meeting our (at the time) 100 members with annual budgets below $100,000, she was among the first to realize that NYC’s young companies were, and are, our hope for the future. Micki understood that you didn’t need to be an institution to be a company; in fact, she often advised against it. She believed that future theatre companies would thrive by remaining nimble and, to use her words, “able to turn on a dime!” Peculiar Works, the Mint, New Georges, Encompass New Opera, NY Artists Unlimited, NAATCO…these are just a few of the companies she loved working with.

Micki’s work with A.R.T./New York spanned 24 years and three A.R.T./New York office locations. She loved A.R.T./New York and every one of our member companies. She brought decades of hands-on experience and tremendous integrity to her work. Everything she taught she had done herself. She believed in strategic partnerships, face-to-face outreach, and the power of the theater to change perceptions and lives. Micki was a true force of nature!

Micki loved the outdoors; especially the beach, which sustained her. Whenever I look up at the sky, or smell the breeze from the Atlantic, I will think of her. In this way, her beautiful spirit will live on.

I have reached out to Micki’s son, and will let you know once a New York City Memorial Service is planned.  

Ginny Louloudes