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Guerra by The TANK

Guerra by The TANK. Pictured: Artús Chávez, Fernando Córdova Hernández and Madeleine Sierra. Photo by Al Foote.

Lear deBessonet - Laura Pels Keynote Address

Lear de Bessonet, Public Theater’s Director of Public Works, Laura Pels Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Curtain Call. Photo by Robert Kidd.

Mabou Mines

Lucia's Chapters of Coming Forth by Day by Mabou Mines, supported by the Cash Flow Loan. Pictured: Maria Tucci and Paul Kandel. Photo by Victor Frankowski.

Buran Theatre - Mammoth

Mammoth by Buran Theatre, supported by the Nancy Quinn Fund. Pictured: Erin Mallon, Kristine Haruna Lee & Tina Shepard. Photo by Nicholas Kostner.

Harlem Nights Monologue Slam - The Movement Theatre Company

Harlem Nights Monologue Slam by The Movement Theatre Company. Supported by the Nancy Quinn Fund. Pictured: Christin Eve Cato. Photo Credit: Peter Cooper.



Provides a four-hour studio rehearsal



Underwrites space for two performances



Provides two months of office space



Provides a grant to an emerging company



Underwrites one season of classes for one workshop topic



Funds a year of one-on-one consulting for a theatre

John Collins, Artistic Director of Elevator Repair Service, talks about how A.R.T./New York has helped them grow over the years. Photo credits: Clemens Scharre / John Collins / Rob Strong / Chris Bierens



A.R.T./New York provides nonprofit theatres with grants for general operating and production support, free rehearsal space, and access to loan programs that offer capital to purchase and renovate spaces of their own and cash flow assistance.



Each year, A.R.T./New York offers more than 100 hours of business training by industry experts on topics like fundraising, finance, marketing, board governance, and strategic planning. Theatre professionals can learn the skills they need at a price point anyone can afford: free!



Renting space is expensive, which is why we fund and maintain more than 66,000 square feet of heavily subsidized office, rehearsal, and performance spaces for the theatre community. Our facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn are home to more than 70,000 artists annually. 



New York City is built on connections, which is why A.R.T./New York strives to connect theatre companies, artists, and audiences to each other through our popular industry parties, peer-to-peer roundtables, panels, and lectures. Our calendar of events attracts theatre makers and lovers from all five boroughs.

Header:  Gideon Irving in A.R.T./New York Member Theatre All For One's production of  MY NAME IS GIDEON // photo by Maria Baranovaery