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Creative Space Grants

Downloads, Evaluation Criteria, & Narrative Guidelines



Evaluation Criteria

Organizational Identity
  • Does the applicant clearly articulate its mission, goals, and core programming? Are these in sync with one another?
  • Does the company or project distinguish itself from others in serving a unique community of artists and audience members? 
  • Is the company or project serving a diverse audience and cohort of artists, and defining diversity effectively for their community? 
  • Do the artists involved in the company or project reflect the cultural and aesthetic diversity of theatre and their own community in this moment? 
Use of Grant
  • Is the intended use of the grant sufficiently articulated and does it fit within the parameters of the grant? 
  • Has the company clearly explained how it will use the grant credit? 
  • Will the grant have a clear impact on the company and its ability to produce new or existing programming more successfully?
  • Is there any doubt as to the applicant’s ability to use all the credit they are requesting?
Overall Application
  • Is the application presented in a neat, cohesive, clear manner?
  • Are there any grammatical or typographical errors?
  • Most importantly, does the applicant make a case for funding?

Narrative Statement Guidelines

The narrative portion of the application is your opportunity to describe your organization's mission, core programming, and goals for the future, and to distinguish your theatre from others in the city. It is also your opportunity to make a strong case for funding and to share with the panel the impact a grant would have on your company and its mission. You should not rely on past accolades or assume any preexisting knowledge panelists might have of your work.

Please upload a document in which you clearly address the following five questions. Consider using section headings to break up the narrative for ease of reading. The narrative must be 2-3 pages, 12-point Calibri or Arial font, with 1" margins. PDF format requiredYou may itemize your answers or write a flowing narrative, but you must answer all applicable questions. Keep in mind the grant and space guidelines when providing your answers. 

  1. Describe the company's mission and vision, and your organizational goals. What is your contribution to the nonprofit theatre in New York? What is unique about what you offer to the audiences and artists you serve?
  2. Describe your company's core programs or areas of work. How do they help you achieve the above stated goals in relation to your audience and mission?
  3. Provide a clear explanation of your intended use of the space that you would like to book, or multiple uses if applicable.
  4. Describe the impact of this programming on your organization's mission and goals. How does this program further the work of your company and mission? What impact (financial and programmatic) would receiving this grant have on the company? 
  5. Required only for companies that own or have a long-term lease on rehearsal/performance space: If you currently own or have a long-term lease on rehearsal and/or performance space, explain why you need additional space above and beyond your own resources and how your spaces will be put to use at the same time as your requested bookings.


The Creative Space Grant is made possible by generous leadership support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Header: Irish Repertory Theatre's production of Finian's Rainbow. Photo by Carol Rosegg.