City Partnership Opportunity: ID NYC
Thursday, December 10, 2015 12:00 AM


Dear A.R.T./New York Members
As many of you know, the City's Municipal ID Card program (ID NYC) has become extremely popular, with over 650,000 individuals signing up in the first year.  Many New Yorkers signed up in order to access the discounts and benefits offered to cardholders by some the City's largest cultural institutions in the inaugural year of the program.
The City is gearing up for a second year of NYC ID program, and A.R.T./New York has been asked to invite YOU to participate by offering a discount (which can be subject to availability) to NYC ID Cardholders. The discounts will apply to those 650,000 who have already registered for an NYC ID card, as well as those who register for a Municipal ID between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
We are asking you to consider joining the city's other participating cultural institutions in offering a discount to the NYC ID Cardholders.  Your discounts should apply for productions taking place in calendar year 2016.  You may offer a discount on single tickets, subscriptions, or membership packages. 
The ID NYC program is a great way to reach new audiences in all five boroughs, so I hope all of you will participate.  The City has a special website where ID NYC cardholders can learn which special offers apply to them.  This site is updated on a monthly basis, but you must have your card and list your ID to learn about the benefits. 
There will be a press release, as well as video that will go live on or before Tuesday, December 15th; so if possible, please send your information (see directions below) NO LATER THAN NOON ON DECEMBER 11TH.  You may choose to participate at a later date, you just won't make the announcement.  Also, we will be working on the January website, and since we are closed from 12/24 to January 4, we'd like to get a jump on listing as many of you as possible.
Here is how you can sign up:
E-mail my assistant Rachel Haspel at [email protected] and tell her:
  • the name of your theatre, 
  • your venue address, 
  • staff contact person for the ID NYC  program, along with their e-mail address and phone number,
  • what type of a discount you will be offering (i.e. 25% off tickets - subject to availability, to the following shows [name of show, dates])
  • and your theatre company's website.
I apologize for the short notice, but we were just notified about the fact that there will be a second push for ID NYC registrations.  While you may find that certain individuals who already attend your theatre have ID NYC cards (they offer incredible discounts at gyms, movie theaters and Broadway) I know that many others have applied for these cards as well.
We all know that New York City is an expensive city in which to live.  For many New Yorkers, the cost of living in this city is so high that middle class and working class New Yorkers cannot afford to attend our theaters like the generations before them.  With all the wonderful work you have done to bring the arts to public schools, and, community and senior centers, wouldn't it be great if more members of these communities could experience your work?
In this holiday season, let's all make an effort to give the greatest gift we have, the gift of affordable theatre, to all New York City residents (who have a ID NYC card).
Happy Holidays from your biggest fan,