Best Wishes, Ann Marie // Reporting
Thursday, January 22, 2015 12:00 AM


Hi everybody!

Grant season is upon us! Doesn't it feel like everything is due all at once? DCA is due February 9, and  NYSCA funding guidelines will soon be available, among many others. A.R.T./New York's own Nancy Quinn Fund will open for applications on Monday, January 26.

We all focus so much on the application process, and rightly so. Contributed income is crucial to all our nonprofit ventures. But once you receive the grant, the process is not over! Reporting is a crucial aspect of the grant process, and provides vital information to any funder. I say this mostly because we have two deadlines for reporting fast approaching:
  1. Creative Space Grants for FY15, Cycle 1 (July-December) - Reports due January 31, 2015 
  2. Nancy Quinn Fund for 2014 - Reports due February 28, 2015

All reports will be due by email to me at [email protected]. I can't stress enough how important it is to provide reports as per the funders' instructions by the due date-put that date in your calendar and treat it like an application deadline. In some instances, a late or missing report can and will disqualify your organizations from future opportunities for funding.

Your reports help A.R.T./New York collect crucial information about the field, and help us to make the case to our funders about the vital impact of the grant making programs that we administer. Your help here is invaluable! We are so looking forward to seeing your reports. If you have questions about any of this, contact me or our Programs Coordinator, Adeola Adegbola, at [email protected].

Best wishes,
Ann Marie