Fall Roundtables
Tuesday, September 02, 2014 12:00 AM

Fall is coming and that means the return of A.R.T./New York's Core Roundtable Series!

These one and a half hour meetings are opportunities for our members to speak with their peers about relevant issues and experiences, broken down by topic and budget size (for example, marketing for companies with budgets over $1 million). We encourage our members to come together at our Core Roundtable Series to share and learn from each other over coffee and donuts. 

While each Roundtable is set-up by topic and tier, all members are able to attend any Roundtable they wish. Is your company is about to jump up in budget size? Send your General Manager to the Roundtable one tier up! The Core Roundtable Series is the membership's breeding ground for new ideas and new connections. Ariana Schrier, Artistic Director for Pipeline Theatre agrees, "these roundtables are helping us to build a sustainable business model based on the wisdom of those who came before us, and to sojourn ahead with a new confidence in our business practices."

The first Roundtable of the season is coming up on Tuesday, September 9 for Tier 4 Executive/Managing Directors. The second roundtable this month will be on Thursday, September 18 for Tier 2 & 3 Executive/Managing Directors and will be followed up on Tuesday, September 23 by the Roundtable for Tier 1 Executive/Managing Directors.

Also, if you have a topic that you've been dying to talk about, you could reach out the Director of Programs, Ann Marie Lonsdale and together you can set up a Topical Roundtable. Topical Roundtables are initiated by our members are not specific to any one Tier. Past topics have been Green and Sustainable Theatre Practices and Producing Site-Specific Theatre.

If you are an A.R.T./New York member and would like to register to attend a roundtable, just log in to our website with your individual username, navigate to the Event Calendar, and click on the registration link for the event you would like to attend.