A.R.T./New York provides a variety of financial resources to help theatres realize their creative potential.

Individuals attend our workshops in the 2017 fiscal year.

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Dollars in loans distributed in the 2017 fiscal year.


Fully subsidized rehearsal space hours granted in the 2017 fiscal year.


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Creative Space GrantS


Please also review the Space Guidelines for Grantees before applying.



  • All current members of A.R.T./New York in good standing with no overdue rent, loans, or member dues are encouraged to apply.
  • Companies applying for A.R.T./New York membership in order to be eligible for a grant must apply for membership at least 2 weeks before the grant deadline and should reach out to explaining their intention to apply, in order to ensure their membership is approved in time.



  • Organizational Identity – does the proposal define the company’s mission and programming? Is the programming in sync with the mission? Does the company distinguish itself? Does it serve a need within its community or serve a diverse community?
  • Use of Hours – is the intended use of the studio time sufficiently articulated and does it fit within the parameters of the grant?  Will the subsidized rental hours have a clear impact on the company and its ability to produce new or existing programming more successfully? Is there any doubt as to the applicant’s ability to use all the hours they are requesting?
  • Overall Application – is the application presented in a neat, cohesive, clear manner? Are there any grammatical or typographical errors? Most importantly, does the applicant make a case for funding?


(FY18 Cycle Two)

  • Applicant must request between 25 and 75 hours, to be used from January 1 to June 30, 2018.
  • Applicant must NOT have allowed previous Creative Space hours to go unused without communication with A.R.T./New York. 
  • If applicant received hours for the first cycle of FY18 (July 1 through December 31, 2017), all outstanding hours MUST be booked by November 20, 2017 (hours can still be used through the end of December, but reservations must be completed by November 20). Applicants that do not reserve all remaining FY18 Cycle 1 grant hours by that date might be deemed ineligible to receive FY18 Cycle 2 grant hours.
  • Applicant will NOT apply hours to bookings made prior to the grant notification.
  • Applicant must NOT use the space for revenue-generating, non-mission-related activities; performances; or for open auditions.



Applicants who wish to receive comments on a draft of their narrative before submitting their application may send a draft and receive comments from the A.R.T./New York Programs team. 

Before doing so, we strongly encourage you to read over the narrative questions and the criteria for evaluation and ensure your narrative addresses these in full. We also strongly encourage you to have a second reader do the same, as well as having someone look over the narrative for a copy-edit. Once you have done these things, A.R.T./New York staff will be happy to read your draft for clarity and content. 

When sending a draft, please keep in mind:

  • A.R.T./New York staff will only look at one draft and provide comments. We cannot review multiple drafts for you before the deadline.
  • To ensure feedback in a timely manner, for the FY18 Cycle Two Creative Space Grant you must submit your draft by November 13th 2017.
  • Our staff will look at the draft of your narrative and provide comments and guidance; we will not copy edit or rewrite your narrative for you.
  • The individuals providing comments are not voting members of the grant panel.

If seeking a review of your narrative statement please send a draft as an attachment to and a member of the A.R.T./New York Programs Team will review it and provide comments.




The Creative Space Grant is made possible by generous leadership support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 


Header: 2017 Nancy Quinn Fund, Creative Space Grant, Creative Opportunity Fund, and Rental Subsidy Fund recipient Broken Box Mime Theater's prduction of SEE REVERSE //  Photo: Bjorn Bolinder @findthelightphotography